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About Sun City

Sun City, unique in the context of world resorts, with a combination of features unmatched anywhere, draws thousands of visitors each year to its four top-quality hotels, a Vacation Club plus magnificent sporting and recreational facilities including 2 world class golf courses,  and the magical Lost City water-park, The Valley of Waves. Only 187 km from Johannesburg, the resort, situated in the bushveld of South Africa's North West province, is surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Pilanesberg.

Sun City Resort is an environmentally friendly destination and has been awarded Gold classification from the Heritage Programme for its commitment to the principles of sustainable and responsible environmental practice.


Figure 1 : Valley of Waves and Lost Palace

The Valley of Waves (Figure 1) is the central feature of the Lost City at Sun City. It is one of the most advanced water parks in the world, dominated by the Roaring Lagoon, a 6 500-square metre (7560-square yards) wave pool with a palm-fringed beach. Hydraulic mechanisms can generate a 1.8 metre (6 feet 8 inches) wave every 90 seconds. When waves are not generated, a bobbing cycle is generated in a diamond pattern.

The water park has five exhilarating flume rides:

  • Temple of Courage, swimmers drop a heart-stopping 17 meters (57 feet) down a 70 meter (233 feet) chute, hurtle under a bridge and splash into a small pool at the foot of the slide
  • The Tarantula and The Scorpion are body slides
  • The Viper and The Mamba are flume rides where the swimmers float on large inflated tubes.
  • The Lazy River is a gentle tube ride that flows endlessly round a kidney-shaped island
  • The Royal Bath is the large swimming pool adjacent to an amphitheatre, which can accommodate an audience of over 800 people.

The Kiddies pool has an array of waterfalls and slides for younger children to enjoy.

There are two beautiful pools located at the Cascades Hotel. A waterfall cascades into the cold pool and the heated pool incorporates a slide and Jacuzzi into its surroundings.

The Vacation Club, Main Hotel and Cabanas are also equipped with their own swimming pools set into the majestic surroundings of the Sun City Resort.


Historically Sun City’s pools were treated using chlorine gas. There were great concerns regarding the safety of gas and the risk involved in its use. Should there be a leak or an accident in such a large resort, the consequences would be catastrophic. The decision was made to find an alternative solution. Arch Chemicals came on board in 2006 providing a safer alternative to chlorine gas. Ten systems were installed dosing Calcium Hypochlorite to disinfect their swimming pool water. (Figure 2 & 3)

Six of these Arch units occupy the Wave Pool, Body slides, Tube slides, Lazy River, Royal Bath and Kiddies pool in the Valley area.  The four other units can be found at the Cabanas Hotel, Cascades Hotel hot and cold pool and the Main Hotel. An eleventh unit was installed two years later at the Vacation Club swimming pool. An HTH® Scientific™ Chip Doser was also installed at Sun City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant to aid in the dosage of chlorine to the outflow treated water.

Blue_I_302 Blue_I_Installed

Figure 2 : Blue I 302 System

Figure 3 : Blue I System installed.

In 2010 a business review was called to assess the systems in use.   The units had now been running for a few years treating the vast quantities of water found at Sun City. The systems had worked satisfactorily in providing professional water treatment to Sun City. After time the maintenance had increased due to old age and wear and tear. Problems were also experienced with the colometric method of testing.

A decision needed to be made to either revamp the current units or to install new units.


For almost a year, trials were conducted testing new control equipment. Variables such as cost, reliability, quality, ease of operation and back up support were assessed. After months of testing, numerous meetings and research, a control unit from Grundfos came out on top. Due to these results, the decision was made, not only to replace the old units with new units, but to also change to the Grundfos control systems. (Figure 4)


Figure 4 : New Grundfos unit installed

The nine units that we replaced with the Grundfos DIA 2 dosing and control units were at the Wave Pool, Body slides, Tube slides, Lazy River, Royal Bath, Main Hotel, Cascades hot and cold and the Cabanas.  Three of the old systems were kept in place -  one at the Kiddies pool as it was too small to justifying the need for a new unit,  one at the Vacation Club as this unit was still relatively new and one at the wave pool as a backup unit.


With the Grundfos systems in place, we have achieved very favourable results.  The system is more advanced and is of a high quality (each unit is manufactured in Germany). There are less parts and therefore less problems. This results in a lower maintenance cost across the board.

Since the new installation, we have found that less time is spent checking the systems. There are no more consistency issues that we were experiencing with the old systems. The units provide us with constant, accurate readings and the most we’ve had to do is recalibrate the units from time to time.

The pools are looking at their best as always with less effort required. All in all, the outcome of this project was a great success. We now have the tools to continue servicing the Sun City swimming pools for years to come.

Cascades cascases_waterfall
Figure 5 Cascades Cold Pool Figure 6 Cascades Waterfall


  • Amperometric method of testing providing consistent and accurate water readings all the time
  • Less working parts to replace therefore less maintenance
  • Proven track record
  • Easy to use
  • Support of an international company
  • Back up service and support
  • 4 – 20 ma output as standard
  • 0 – 50 ppm chlorine monitoring
  • Reliable

To learn more about the proven advantages of the HTH® Controller, Pulsar® System or HTH® Scientific™ Chips, please contact the ICM Group on +27 11 393 9000 or visit our website at